Fan Club Orchestra Japan - 20001 - Entenpfuhl Emm LP 07CD

We travel the spaceways through 20001!



(A suite for gameboy, synth and theremin)

A new release for Frank Dommert’s label Entenpfuhl (known through releases by Jim O’Rourke, C-Schulz, Voice Crack, Schlammpeitziger a.o.): The Fan Club Orchestra Japan is a project by japanese-belgium musician Ali Morimoto and others. Ali was a member of the Baudoux Brothers (Scratch Pet Land) project’ Fan Club Orchestra during his time in Bruxelles - back in Kobe, Japan he founded the FCOJ. In the beginning they worked with pure gameboy sound, using the legendary musicprogram of the Gameboy camera. But on the incredible interpretation of an entire soundtrack, Kubrick’s 2001, they expand their instruments by synth and theremin. The themes and classical music Kubrick used in his movie are interpreted in a cheap but none the less futuristique way. The result is an astonishing beautiful piece of music with really catchy parts. One will never forget „Also sprach Zarathustra“ played on four Gameboys, theremin and a cheap synth !

Fan Club Orchestra Japan are:
Ali Morimoto, Gameboy
Yasushisa Mizutani, Gameboy, synth
Yoko Koroyasu, Gameboy
Yuko Sota, Gameboy
Et(h)ernal Mamie Mu, theremin

emmlp07cd, cd ep, cardboard sleeve, total playing time 21'03

distributed by a-musik, revolver, shellshock